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‘Googlebaba’ answers everything, is being said in India.

If I go some years back when I was in school and had to submit any assignment or project reports, I had to spend a long time in library searching for books first and then the material which helps me to complete my project or assignment. Today ‘WWW’ & ‘GoogleBaba’ has solved this problem at all.

Kids have it so easy nowadays, they do not only use smartphones to communicate with their friends after schooltime but they also do have the proper knowledge about the technology and the gadgets they are using and that would me more than their parents. This is the great thing as they are the future of tomorrow but the same thing is bad as well as when they search for something over Internet, it pulls out some stuff what they do not suppose to see.

Google has taken this scenarios as a challenge and have launched a search-engine “Kiddle”. Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids which search for Web Images, News and Videos. The result pulled out by kiddle is kid friendly, handpicked, filtered and easy to understand.

The interface of kiddle is quite different than google. While google shows a simple search-box with white background and some links beneth, kiddle show a fully graphial page with a robo on some panet with a search-box with some links. The interface it-self is quite catchy for kids.

The process of showing result on kiddle is also interesting. Once a child enters a query into the search bar, Kiddle will pull up a list of related links which.
The first one to three results will include safe sites and pages that are written specifically for kids that are handpicked and checked by the editors. The next four to seven results will feature sites that include content that is written in simple language so that young children are able to comprehend what they are researching. These too are handpicked and checked by the editors. Results eight and onward include sites written for adults that are still filtered by Google safe search but are a bit harder for children to comprehend.

As kiddle is a kid friendly sarch engine, safe-search is the key point for deriving results.
Search with a same word in Google and Kiddle, both of the search-engine will show you dirrerent results. As I am showing you here, I am seaching for Rihanna’s photos. The type of photos being displayed in both of the screen will explain you the work “Safe Seaching”.

This is not the only thing, if you search with something which is going to show you expilicite results for sure, Kiddle with block the search result for such words. I have searched with word ‘porn’ on kiddle and it showed me an error. And Kiddle needs co-operation from parents as well for this point. There is a link “Keyword blocking” from where parents can suggest kiddle team to block a work.

And last but not the least, kiddle is not collecting any personal infromation from you. It will clear all logs from hisroty in 24 hours.

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