Meet Shah

What I Do

By job I am a web developer and currently working as a dedicated developer and providing my service to a firm based in London and Germany. Generally my routine includes development of a site from scratch, site maintenance, developing custom themes and plugins and contribution to WordPress community. In free time I like to post answers in Quora. With my job I am a foodie; I love to eat and cause of my interest I own a small restaurant named SaladFusion in the city. I have listed my technical routine beneath this;

  • Web design
  • Front-end development
  • Responsive
  • Graphics & Print
  • Web development
  • Back-end development
  • Open source
  • Contribution


By academics I have completed Masters in Computer Application; with that I have completed post graduate diploma in Multimedia.


WordPress is also one of my hobby but apart from that I love to play outdoor games, watching movies and listening songs and long drives with my wife.


HTML / CSS / Bootstrap
Javascript / jQuery
Photoshop / Illustrator

My Experiences

Tailored Solutions Pvt Ltd


Dedicated Back-End Developer

I joined here as a dedicated WordPress developer. I am providing complete WordPress solution which includes theme integration and customization, coding custom plugins and integrating APIs for customized solutions. I have developed personnel site, readonly – static sites, social network, forum, online store and many more.

eLayers interact’ve

2014 – 2015

Web Developer

This was my first job ever. I learned WordPress here and started working on the sites after that. During this job I had to create custom themes, creating sites from scratch and integrating different APIs for customized solutions.